Welcome to the Cyprus-Czech Republic Business Association


welcome address by amba

Dear Members,

Good and friendly relations between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Cyprus have a long tradition and a new window of opportunity for their further strengthening was open by both countries membership of the European Union. Our bilateral economic cooperation, which covers wide range of economic activities, is also generally successful and beneficial for both sides. Recently, we can see the growth trend in various business areas, however, there is still a dormant potential for the extension and intensification of the cooperation.

We wish to help business people to make the best of the potential of our economies. Therefore we have worked with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry to set up the Cyprus-Czech Republic Business Association. Firstly, it provides a proper platform for people with similar business interest to meet, share the plans and experience and elaborate new initiatives. Secondly, it is very important also for the Embassy as you help us to identify new business opportunities and target our assistance in right direction. Finally, I believe that our coordinated efforts will lead to improvement of existing ties, discovering new ways of cooperation and developing new contacts and I am committed to achieving a result.

I am really pleased that the Cyprus-Czech Republic Business Association is contributing significantly to the deepening of mutual economic and trade relations and is finding new business opportunities for entrepreneurs of both countries.

Ladislav Škeřík


welcome address by amba

Dear Business Friends of Cyprus and the Czech Republic,

On behalf of the Cyprus-Czech Republic Business Association, I welcome you to this website. Here you can find useful information about the Association, its members and the possibilities of doing business in Cyprus and the Czech Republic.

Our Association was established under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 23 October 2008 with the aim to promote, expand and encourage economic relations between Cyprus and the Czech Republic. The Association is supported in its efforts by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Nicosia and the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism.

The Association, through its distinguished professional members, encourages “networking” for the promotion and stimulation of business relations and investments in Cyprus and in the Czech Republic.

The Website has been created to help bring business people with similar interests together. I hope that visitors will be interested to join the Association and participate in the Association’s business events.

Personally, I am delighted to be the President of the Cyprus-Czech Republic Business Association and I am looking forward to offering my services to the Association and its members, always in close cooperation with our dedicated associates at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Vakis Loizou

Vakis Loizou